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Covid Taxis and Covid Ambulance Services – PocoCar

Taxi services for Covid-19 patients to hospitals, hospitels; doing our part in the fight against the pandemic. New for 2022, with the latest in sterilization technology


“Trust yourself and your loved ones with PocoCar”


Safe and Speedy



Available 24 Hours

What are Covid Taxis/Covid Ambulances?

Covid Taxis, Covid Ambulances, sometimes even Ambulance Taxis, are alternative transportation methods, designed for positive Covid-19 patients at the Green Level of risk, and at-risk individuals who need to quickly and safely reach either a hospital or quarantine zone, so these are also sometimes called hospital taxis or hospitel taxis. These are not a replacement of hospital ambulances.

PocoCar, new for 2022, is a safe, reliable, and a 100% safe service designed specifically to facilitate transporting Covid-19 patients to hospitals and hospitels in and around Bangkok, so you can avoid infecting your loved ones should you the need for a lift arise. Unlike simply re-purposing an existing vehicle, we have customized cabins and ventilation systems, so you can be confident in PocoCar – the best Covid car available.

บริการรถรับ-ส่งผู้ป่วยโควิด คืออะไร
Play Video about บริการรถรับ-ส่งผู้ป่วยโควิด คืออะไร
ภายในรถรับส่งผู้ป่วยโควิด pococar

Safety Measures for Covid-19

free wifi
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รถรับส่งโควิด มีพื้นที่นั่งสบาย
มีช่องชาร์จ USB ให้ผู้ป่วยใช้
รถรับส่งผู้ป่วยโควิด แยกห้องกับคนขับ
ตัวรถมีระบบ CCTV เพื่อความปลอดภัย

Exterior and Interior of Our Covid Taxis


Outside the PocoCar

Inside the PocoCar

Covid Car? Hospitel Taxi? PocoCar.

6 Things You Should Know

Our Premium Covid Ambulances
Fast and Convenient

Automatic gearbox for a smooth
and familiar journey

All for a Reasonable Price
Starting at 899.-, or book with us monthly
Follow Them With GPS

Never lose track of your loved ones;
follow the PocoCar with DLT GPS on your smartphone,
so you never need to worry

Good for 6 at a Time
The cabin and driver are completely separate,
so there is no risk of transmission
24 Hours a Day

Always at your beck and call

Clean. At the Push of a Button

Sterilization is automatic, so there is no chance we forget

รถรับส่งสำหรับ quarantine

Contact PocoCar

If urgent, please call or LINE us at

PocoCar a Covid-free taxi service

Available all day, every day

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Hotline 081-493-5599 (18.00 – 9.00)

Email us at booking@pococar.co

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Things you Should Know about Covid

VDO of PocoCar Ambulance Taxis

Our Services


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– Pending Patent 2202001160
– Pending Petty Patent 2203000672

Will PocoCar Also Send Them Home?

Yes! Apart from hospitals and hospitels, PocoCar would gladly send your loved ones back, if it is inconcenient to do so yourself. Simply tell us beforehand a discharge date and time, and everything else will be arranged for you.